Friday, July 17, 2009

Project 365

When I started this blog I thought it would be a great place to share all of my photos from the Project 365 that I'm doing (which is basically taking a picture every day for a year and journaling about each photo in an album). I also thought, when I started this blog, that I would post to it more than just once a month, but who needs that kind of pressure? Stop pressuring me!

Well, I don't think I've shared any pictures from the project, although I am still taking the pictures (almost every day, but not quite). I thought I'd share my week of photos from last week. As you can imagine, most of the album has become pictures of Avery, and has captured her in her worst of "bad hair days", but....well, that's life I guess :)

And so we begin...

July 6 : This is Avery sitting at Abe's desk watching a Sesame Street video on his computer, while scribbling on a piece of paper. I think she looks like a little serious.

July 7 : We went out for some ice cream at Jenny's in Dublin. Found a little picnic table a couple doors down and ate while Avery ran around.

July 8 : Avery loves to "help" clean. Here she's helping Abe sweep up some food he spilled on our patio. She's starting to smile for the camera again, which is nice. I got a whole bunch of photos on this day because she was really hamming it up. For a while there she wouldn't even look at the camera when I brought it out.

July 9 : One of those "bad hair days" I was talking about. This was in the morning right when she woke up, so cut me some slack all right? I think we were making pancakes that morning.

July 10 : I'm really loving the town that we moved to. There's so much to do for families, and it's all right around the corner. I no longer have to drive 20-30 minutes to go someplace fun! This was a "Lolli-Pops Concert" that the city of Powell was putting on. It's less than 5 minutes from my house, which is just so nice. We went in the morning with Holly and the kids. Avery danced a little bit, but we quickly got very hot and moved over to the splash pad, which is also in this park, to try to cool down.

July 11 : My tutorial for making paper flowers went up on the Jillibean Soup blog today!

July 12 : We're researching playsets right now...where to buy one and which one to buy. We went to the local Rainbow store which has a bunch of them set up inside along with trampolines, basketball nets, and other toys. I hope when we get one she plays on it all the time, because WOW those things are not cheap!