Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards

I made some cute valentines for Avery to pass out at school, that apparently have already made the rounds on the blogosphere (mostly last year I think?). But I had never seen them, and when Julie posted this link on Facebook, I knew I had to make them for Avery to pass out in class (thanks Julie!). They were so easy to make, and I think they just turned out adorable.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


  1. You're welcome~ They turned out cute. I kind of dismissed the idea as I didn't this Jack would cooperate with the poste, but Avery sure looks like a little model there.

  2. those ARE adorable! I made some for Noah and Zoe too, but they didn't turn out nearly as cute. Mainly because I don't have a single empty wall in this house or enough lighting to get a decent photo.